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Welcome to We've dedicated this page as a resource for those of you who have decided that this is the time to reclaim your life, your health or to realign yourself to your purpose in being here -- becoming conscious.

All paths lead to consciousness, some are more direct than others.

The health products and books are the result of Laurel's experiencing two major health crises, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Breast Cancer. She has done extensive research and through trial & error discovered what products and literature assisted her in rebuilding her immune system, restoring balance in her body and supporting healing. Part of the healing process has also been discovering the blessings that are inherent in every crisis.

The videos Larry produced, Self Care for Repetitive Motion Stress Injuries and Self Care for Runners and Other Athletes, are designed to teach people how to become more conscious of their bodies, to pay attention to the constant feedback loop of information the body is giving, and how to take appropriate action whenthat message is as subtle as a tap on the shoulder -- not the 2"x4" in the forehead.

If you're already being bludgeoned by the 2"x4" it will assist you there too.

 The Avatar page is to introduce you to the most profound tools yet developed to assist you in becoming fully conscious.

*     What would your life look like if you lived it deliberately?

*     How would it be different than it is now?

*     What is the highest ideal of your self?

*     What self imposed limits would you remove, which would you keep? It becomes a deliberate choice.

So explore our offerings in waking up, investigate the links to other pages and if you have any feed back or suggestions to improve or expand this site please let us know.

Love Precious Humanity,

Larry Sweet

Laurel Sweet