The Underlying Cause of R.M.S.I.

The pain/spasm/pain cycle is the underlying cause of Repetitive Motion Stress Injuries, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. We at Full Circle began addressing this problem with in-services and workshops for industries, but these workshops would need to be given over and over again to train new employees which was not practical. That's when we saw the need to develop a self care video, reproducing our in-service information, for individuals, industries, clinics and doctors offices. Using this video, it is now possible to break the cycle.

The most effective intervention is self care–to recognize the symptoms as early as possible and begin using deceptively simple techniques of Somatic Feedback©, a form of self massage, stretching, and exercise to break the cycle. What is the pain/spasm/pain cycle? When a muscle is used in an awkward repetitive way without sufficient rest, toxins (lactic acid and hystamines) build up in muscles faster then the blood can flush the tissue and process them. These toxins irritate the tissue and create pain. The body interprets this pain as trauma which it wants to splint or guard, and the muscles tighten around these irritated points.

When a muscle tightens, the capillaries are constricted, thus reducing blood flow, and toxicity builds faster creating more pain. The more it hurts the more it tightens. If this cycle continues long enough, tissue begins to break down.

Tendons, under strain, rubbing on other tendons, ligaments and bones create tendonitis.

Nerves become compressed or impinged, creating additional pain and dysfunction such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. Unless this cycle is broken, permanent tissue degeneration is the result. At this point doctors often recommend costly surgery.

While industries have made many advances in reducing the incidence of R.M.S.I. with rotation of work stations and improved ergonomically designed equipment and tools, the problem is still widespread and very costly.

According to the United States Bureau of Statistics over 94,000 cases of R.M.S.I. were reported in 1993 and R.M.S.I. accounted for 30% of worker compensation claims in 1990, at a cost measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars for direct medical costs and lost productivity. Add to that the pain and loss of function to individuals and you begin to understand the scope of the problem.


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